White Supremacists are Weaponizing the Coronavirus to Target “Nonwhites” and Law Enforcement

March 24, 2020

Just when one may think that the silver lining in facing the Coronavirus crisis would be that it’s bringing together  Americans of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, etc. to unite against a common external threat, we are seeing the opposite happen among hate groups. According to a report from the Rolling Stone and Yahoo News, white supremacists […]

A Democratic Hoax Gone Viral

March 15, 2020

​ Donald Trump.  These two simple words evoke quite a number of strong reactions from most Americans.  Some react with passionate disgust for the man while others react with blind worship and praise of their false idol.  No matter one’s feelings on Mr. Trump, one thing is certain: The man is a huuuuge disease expert. […]

Seeming To Be The Signs Of Protest Flashing

February 11, 2020

At 5 pm on the dot, excited anti Donald Trump activists of all walks of New Orleans life gather quickly at St Charles and Octavia outside the modern architecture Loyola University Performing Arts Building. Within a matter of minutes, three arrivals turn into 20 and counting! The first protesters to arrive gather, first in verification […]

Senator Cassidy’s Family Leave Legislation is a Trojan Horse, Harming Existing Proposals That Offer Greater Protections

February 5, 2020

United States Senators Bill Cassidy (R-La) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz) have announced that President Donald Trump will be pushing for their bipartisan paid family leave act. The Charlotte Observer reported on January 31 that President Trump would express his support for the “Cassidy-Sinema” plan in Tuesday’s State of the Union Address. The White House is expected […]

Louisiana Senator Shamefully Ignores Constitution, Walks Out of Impeachment Trial

January 24, 2020

Despite making public assurances that he would fulfill their Constitutional obligations as impartial jurors in President Trump’s impeachment trial, Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy joined a large number of GOP Senators in leaving the Senate Chambers for prolonged periods of time, while crucial evidence was introduced against the President. This afternoon, Michael McAuliff, Congressional reporter for […]

Trump’s Assassination of Top Iranian General is an Act of War Reversing Years of Progress

January 4, 2020

Trump’s decision to carry out the assassination of Iran’s top general is a very poorly calculated and dangerous action against a country that posed no imminent threat to our national security. After making headway with the Iran nuclear deal under the Obama administration, objectively suppressing Iran’s capacity to build a nuclear arsenal, we have gone […]

My Father’s Vote For Trump

December 14, 2019

In late November 2016 my parents were visiting us for my son’s birthday. It was one week after Donald Trump won the Presidential election. My nerves were shot, optimism gone, and a fearful panic of the next four years consumed my thoughts. But not my Dad’s. My father was an English Literature Professor, for 37 […]

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