Reasons for Supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement

July 24, 2020

  Sparked by the death of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement has become a polarizing discourse worldwide. It’s understandable—the campaign raises issues about personal biases that are uncomfortable to acknowledge.    The situation is unpleasant because there’s truth to the idea that everyone is biased in some way. Even if you feel that you’re […]

The Rise of the Social Justice Warrior

July 24, 2020

  Today’s P.C. police have taken on a public mantle, and political correctness has taken on a new persona. These passionate people claim to represent the social conscience of our times, but are they taking things too far?  In this post, we’ll explore the rise of the social justice warrior, and whether they are hurting […]

How to be Friends With People of Differing Beliefs

July 24, 2020

You may encounter people that do not agree with you on occasion. When the disagreement is about differing beliefs, or topics like politics or religion, it may be challenging to manage the conflict. For example, your colleague wins money visiting a casino online and tells you about it, but you are vehemently opposed to gambling. […]

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