TressAnew Reviews – Fake Hidden Dangers or Legit Hair Supplement?

TressAnew is a dietary formula for healthy, shiny, and voluminous hair with no additional effort. According to the official website (, it provides the body with certain nutrients that are required for hair growth. All thanks to its natural formulation, TressAnew aims to give noticeable results within weeks. It is currently in stock and available for immediate deliveries. 

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Beautiful hair not only gives an aesthetic look but also reveals that the body is enjoying all vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that it needs to work as per its maximum potential. Likewise, dry, thin, and frizzy hair indicates that the body needs to make specific dietary changes or adopt a new hair care routine as it lacks vital ingredients. 

The modern lifestyle has changed everything from the skin, hair, nails, and everything. And hair loss has become much more common than it was a few decades ago. Although there are multiple factors that account for thinning or falling of hair, one way to prevent it from happening is by providing the body with nutrients that it lacks. 

The use of hair supplements is common, but the options and brands make it very confusing to pick one that offers the most benefits. TressAnew by Harmonium is a brand-new name that claims to have already made its place among the top-selling list, mainly because of its fast-acting ingredients and noticeable benefits. 


There are many reasons to believe TressAnew is better than all other counterparts. Read this TressAnew review to find out the reasons that give it a clear advantage over all other options. 

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TressAnew Review – The Truth About Hair Supplements 

Hair growth supplements are often advertised with promises such as giving thick, shiny hair or adding volume to the hair. Some of these supplements are true to the promises, while most of them are nothing but fancy scams. Before choosing any supplement, it is necessary to know the real reason behind thinning of hair so that you can choose a product that fixes the actual issue. 

Despite all the extravagant promises, none of these supplements is a miracle-in-a-bottle. But what you can do is to try a supplement with multivitamins, especially those carrying nutrient value for your hair. The function of dietary supplements depends on their type and nature. Some of them work on inflammation, while others provide natural antioxidants to the body. There are also some working on hormonal irregularities, whereas some work on slowing down the ageing effects. So there is one supplement for each issue, but how to determine which issue is causing excessive hair fall in you?

One way is to try each of these products, one by one and notice changes. This experimentation will lead you to one effective product, someday, hopefully, but it is not a practical solution; besides, unnecessary supplementation carries its own risks. The best is to look for a multi-ingredient formula preferably made of natural ingredients so that the risk of side effects can be minimal such as the TressAnew supplement. 

TressAnew hair supplement works on nutrient deficiencies and rejuvenates the skin. There are no artificial ingredients added to this formula, so there are the least chances of it going wrong or causing an undesirable effect. You can color the hair, style them or get a haircut you always wanted without worrying about the hair damage. 

If you are suffering from an underlying condition, talk to your doctor and find out the reason. Many times, hair thinning and hair fall are secondary to major diseases, and these issues go away as soon the actual disease is treated. If there is no apparent reason, using a dietary supplement such as TressAnew is a good start towards a hair health improvement journey. 

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What Is TressAnew?

TressAnew is a dietary supplement that comes in the form of capsules. There are 60 capsules in every bottle, and every user is required to consume two capsules daily with a glass of water.  This supplement is made by a US company, Vita Balance, under a GMP-certified facility. 

The company ensures to use ingredients picked from purest natural sources. It has a number of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help improve hair growth. Many people knew this supplement as ‘Folligen’ a few years ago, but it was relaunched in 2018, with the new name to get better brand recognition. 

TressAnew hair support formula works on strengthening the hair follicles and stimulating natural hair growth. Some of the ingredients nourish the scalp and help retain moisture. This way, the hair does not dry out, and the breakage is much less. Having a sufficient supply of vitamins and minerals build-up for the damages and maintain the structure of the hair. Eventually, the hair starts to gain volume and shine, the two most desirable things that every person wants. 

Remember, these results would not show up overnight, and one has to be consistent while using this supplement. Independent results may vary, and it may take up to six months to see a noticeable change in hair. 

How Does TressAnew Work?

As mentioned before, TressAnew hair supplement carries vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that play an important role in hair repair, growth, and rejuvenation. Using it for a few weeks can put a limit to hair thinning and loss while encouraging the growth of new hair. 

For those who do not know, hair fall is directly linked with the working of an enzyme called 

5 alpha-reductase AKA 5-AR. This enzyme increases the testosterone production to a dangerously high level that it starts turning into hormone dihydrotestosterone, also called “DHT”- the biggest enemy of hair follicles. 

Although testosterone is mostly associated with masculinity, it is also present in women. The changes to its production are equally dangerous for men and women, and the earliest signs of DHT production include dryness, brittle hair, and hair breakage.  TressAnew works on this testosterone to DHT conversion, balancing it to a healthy level. The hair stops breaking, and the new follicles start to grow at the same time. 

Some TressAnew ingredients target inflammation, oxidative stress, and toxins, all of which affect hair growth and repair. Addressing all these issues at a time creates a perfect environment for hair growth, where no one can stop the hair from turning into beautiful locks that you always wanted. 

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Information on TressAnew Ingredients

Knowing about the ingredients is the most thoughtful way to analyze and understand the effectiveness of a product. Everything inside TressAnew ingredients has been picked from the best quality sources, and none of these ingredients is without proven scientific benefits. 

Spare some time to read the TressAnew ingredients list and understand how it may help you. 

Here is the list of all ingredients. 

  • Folic Acid- the first ingredient in this supplement is folic acid, also called vitamin B9. This is a water-soluble vitamin that is more of a synthesized type of folate. In general, folic acid helps build cells, tissues, and muscles, which is a vital part of cellular support. Many times hair fall is linked with low folic acid levels, and this deficiency is common among people who do not pay much attention to their diet. Anything from a huge dietary to lifestyle shift can trigger this deficiency, and without treatment, it can lead to a malabsorption disorder. People withs every folic acid deficiency lose hair like anything, which is why supplements enriched with folic acid can induce hair growth and regeneration. It also saves from premature discoloration and graying of hair. 
  • Biotin- the next ingredient in TressAnew is biotin, which is vitamin H. this supplement is significant for hair, skin, and nails health. When the body is deficient in biotin, it is most likely to see unexplained body rashes and excessive hair loss.  

Unlike other nutrients, biotin deficiency is not very common because the dietary sources provide a handful of supply of it. Some of the biotic-rich foods are eggs, mushrooms, grains, bananas, soybeans, etc. Those who are getting plenty of biotin from the diet may never fall for its deficiency. But changed lifestyle and diet can also affect the availability of biotin in the form of food, making it necessary to use a supplement.

  • Fo-Ti extract it is a herb made with the root part of the plant. Fo-Ti is famous in traditional medicine to combat aging signs, memory issues, and heart diseases. It is also sometimes applied to the skin to prevent rashes, eruptions, sores, and itches. With this wide range of effects, it also acts as a hair tonic, preventing the graying of hair before age and strengthening the hair structure.
  • Nettle Root- next TressAnew ingredient is nettle root that combats hair loss. It is proven by research that nettle can save from hair loss and activates hair regrowth. There is a high amount of silica and sulfur in it that saves from excessive breakage and hair thinning. In addition to that, it inhibits the role of 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that changes testosterone to DHT and initiates hair loss. 
  • Others- Horsetail extract, Saw Palmetto, Magnesium. 

Read TressAnew customer reviews and user testimonials. Does this really help with damaged hair? More information can be found at

Chrissa Benson 5-Second Finger Test 

Chrissa Benson is the creator of TressAnew, who has introduced a new 5-second test to know if you are suffering from hair loss or not. This test will help understand if you really need a TressAnew supplement or not. 

Chrissa is a health and fitness coach who is a mother of free amazing children. She has been featured in various Women Health magazines and appeared on the shows talking about women’s health and the idea of a healthy life. After her third pregnancy, things turned out different when she started experiencing the worst hair loss ever. 

She narrates the day she noticed it first to be a typical morning. But when she was in the shower, she felt her fingers stuck with hair clumps, and in an effort to free herself, she ended up with tangled hair strands all over her fingers. This moment was so shocking for her that she sat down just to accept what was happening to her. This was the worst post-partum sign she experienced in all her pregnancies, and it was horrifying. 

And this was not all, this shedding continued for all coming days, and within a few weeks, she was left with a few dead, lifeless, and brittle hair. Even after trying everything, nothing worked for her, but she still did not lose hope. During this struggle to understand hair fall and thinning, she was introduced to the 5-AR and how it changes the testosterone to DHT. After contacting some friends in the supplement industry, she was finally able to find ingredients and create a formula that fixes this issue for once and all. She named it TressAnew capsules and collaborated with Harmonium Health to manufacture and distribute them commercially.

Who Should Ideally Use TressAnew by Harmonium?

This supplement is helpful for everyone who is going through excessive hair fall, without age or gender discrimination. However, it only works in cases where the hair fall is linked with nutrient deficiency and not caused by a disease. For example, hair fall is often caused by the male or female pattern baldness, alopecia, fungal infections, and various other conditions. If any of these conditions are present, TressAnew may not be able to help. In this case, talking to the primary healthcare provider is necessary, after which you can end up finding a customized plan to treat hair fall. 

Safety Concerns With TressAnew Pills 

All the dietary supplements, medicines, and herbal products come with a safety warning, and reading about them is necessary. The ingredients added to this formula are all-natural, and there is nothing about them raising a concern. Yet, it is no excuse to overdose, misuse, or experiment with this supplement. 

TressAnew for hair only works well when the daily dosage is followed. Taking more than two capsules does not offer faster effects. Similarly, using it with other supplements or medicines does not make you experience benefits. In fact, these combinations could be deadly and avoided at all costs. 

TressAnew is not recommended for children and teenagers, and only those who are over 18 years of age can use it. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should also avoid it without confirming it from their doctor. Lastly, it is not prescribed to anyone suffering from an underlying medical condition unless it is part of treatment.

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How to Use TressAnew to Get Maximum Benefits?

Using TressAnew is no different than using multivitamin pills. Take a glass of water and swallow the pills at any time of the day. There is no fixed time to consume it, and the ingredients are ready to work whenever you take them. You can take one capsule in the morning and the other in the evening before going to bed. There are no stimulants added, so it would not interfere with your sleeping routine. 

Use them daily for at least six to eight weeks before looking for the results. Individual results may vary. Using the supplement is much easier than going under surgical and semi surgical hair restoration procedures that are painful and very costly. Give this supplement a chance and full time to work; either you will get thick and long hair or get your money back under the refund policy. 

Where to Buy TressAnew Hair Growth Formula? Pricing And Discount Details 

TressAnew is exclusively available online at its official website – You can make the direct order with doorstep delivery without stepping out of the house. 

TressAnew is much more affordable than all available options, and its high demand is proof that customers love its effects and want more and more bottles. The actual price of one bottle is $67.00, but it is currently on a discount offer and is available for $49.00 only. 

The company is also offering various bundles that reduce its price even more. Here is the information on all available packages, pricing, and shipping details. 

  • (Starter Pack) Buy One Bottle of TressAnew For $49.95 Only + Small Shipping Fee
  • (Most Popular) Buy Three Bottles Of TressAnew For $39.95 per bottle + Small Shipping Fee
  • (Best Value) Buy Six Bottles Of TressAnew For $33 per bottle + Small Shipping Fee

There is only limited stock available, and it is better to buy a sufficient supply to save yourself from the availability issues later. Most users think of buying one bottle to ‘see how it works. But the real problem is when they are sure about using it, after finishing this one bottle, the supplement is already out of stock, and they wait for months to get it again. Therefore, it is better to buy bundle packs and end these possibilities. Besides, the bundle packs save money and are more affordable than buying one bottle every month. 

TressAnew Money-back Offer 

All orders of TressAnew are protected with a 90-day money-back guarantee. During this time, the user can choose to return the product and get the order value back. All unhappy and dissatisfied users can avail of this offer and get their order without worrying about the money loss.  Talk to the company and share your concern, without hesitation. The customer care team will assist on you refund process, explaining everything without asking any questions. 

Remember, the company only accepts the bottle purchased from the official website for this refund offer. If you have purchased it or are  buying it from any other source, this refund offer is not valid for you. 

For details about the refund process, requirements and duration, contact the customer support line through email at The company will contact you and answer your query within 24-48 hours.  

Note– TressAnew is not available at Amazon, GNC, or Walmart. It is recommended to buy it from the official website directly instead of searching it on other websites. 

TressAnew Reviews Verdict – Worth Buying? 

TressAnew is a complete nutritional support formula for hair. It is created for women experiencing hair fall because of dietary deficiencies leading their testosterone levels to convert into DHT. Hair thinning and breakage can affect anyone, but aging women are most likely to experience it. If there is no underlying issue, TressAnew capsules can help regain long, thick, and beautiful hair that are lost over the years. 

Taking only two capsules is enough to make it work. Do not use this supplement if you are already on a hair restoration treatment. If you are confused, talk to your doctor and decide about using it. Right now, the company is running a discount offer that cuts its price to an incredibly low level. If you have made up your mind, book your order before the discount offer ends.  

All orders come with a money-back guarantee, so there are no financial concerns with trying this product. For more details on orders, discounts, and deliveries, visit the official website ( today.

tressanew reviews

TressAnew Customer Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What makes TressAnew better than other companies?

TressAnew targets the actual issue in hair fall, that is, the conversion of testosterone to DHT, inflammatory relief, and removal of toxins. All other brands only target one thing, ignoring other issues that make the results show up years later.

  • Is TressAnew safe?

Everything inside this supplement has been extracted from natural sources. There is nothing about it that could cause a problem. Overall, it is safe for everyone. 

  • How long does TressAnew take to work?

It may take between three to six months for complete hair restoration. However, the individual results may vary. 

  • Can you use TressAnew if you have any other disease?

Using this supplement with any other medicine or supplement is not recommended. Talk to your doctor to determine the safety levels of a supplement for you. 

  • How to contact the company?

The company has an online customer support line that can be contacted through email. Write an email and send it to You will get a response as soon as possible. 

To learn more or to purchase TressAnew for hair, click here to visit the sales page


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